Peerless dye

Our original dyes named "Peerless dye" have high performance comparable to chemical dye in spite of being composed of 100% natural resources. Based on the basic science of intermolecular forces and coordination complex, the working forces between dye-molecule and fiber are designed to be maximum. Due to this material design, natural dyes with excellent dyeing speed, highly color, and fastness property are realized. For instance, the time taken to dye is reduced from 80°C at 60 min to 25°C at 15 sec, which allow us to dye by brush or inkjet.

Inkjet dyeing

We realized inkjet dyeing of natural dye. This technology enhances the expressive power of dyeing method based on natural dye. Moreover, the printed pattern and the color obtains new values such as regionality, sustainability, emotionality, backgroud story, and eco-friendliness. These values have never been in conventional inkjet printing. In the present age when the competitive stage of products are shifting from functional differentiation to emotional differentiation, the aforementioned values will enhance competitiveness in the printed products.